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Hi, I'm Hassan - I love building things and helping people achieve their potential

I grew up in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I learned early on the importance of education/skills, getting things done, hustle, resilience, and curiosity - Special thanks to my parents for it!

After high school, I attended the University of British Columbia (UBC) on a full-ride scholarship. My experience at UBC taught me the importance of building relationships, story-telling, authenticity, recognizing opportunities and continuous growth. It also gave me the chance to expose myself to a variety of things, allowing me to grow 10X.

Serendipitous encounters at UBC landed me in the technology space. I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing people and in frontier technology fields to solve complex problems. These experiences have increased my appreciation for working with 10X individuals and high standards, shown me the importance of understanding customer pain-points, built my skill-set in launching/growing start-ups, enterprise sales, product management, growth and fund-raising.

In the past I have worked in the following technology fields:

I have also worked in various industry verticals:

Using the collection of experiences under my belt, I have started some companies as well as have been an early team member of others:

These days I am helping build the future of data collaboration at Snowflake!

Some selected stories about my work: